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Unit 1B Chemistry Foundations


  • Learning Targets, for this lesson
    • I can list all species present in appreciable amounts in solutions of stong acid, strong base, weak acid, and weak base.
    • I can identify in a reaction or write a conjugate acid/base pair.
    • I can convert between concentration of hydronium, hydroxide, and pH of a solution.
    • I can write a Ka expression for a weak acid and solve for an unknown component.
    • Using a table of Ka's, I can rank the relative acidities of a series of acids and indicate which produces more hydronium ion.
    • I can write reaction equations showing added acid begin neutralized by a base in solution and visa versa.
    • I can define a buffer as a solution that is resistant to change in pH when small amounts of acid or base are added.
    • I can distinguish systems that would serve as buffers from those that would not.
    • I can utilize the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation to calculate the pH of a buffer system with given concentrations of conjugate acid and base.
    • I can summarize how any increase or decrease in acid concentration can be minimized by the buffer system in the blood.
  • Learning Resources
    • textbook Ch 9, Sec 1-3, 6, 7, & 8
    • textbook Ch 10, Sec 3, 4, 6, & 7
    • study guide Study Guide (pdf)
    • study guide Notes: 10.3 (pdf), 10.4 (pdf), 10.6 (pdf), & 10.7 (pdf)
    • If you have your old Chemistry notebook, the following may help you with your foundational understanding...
      • overview of acids and bases, look back to L84 (CH 13)
      • acid-base theories, look back to L85 (CH 13)
      • [H+] and pH, look back to L86 (CH 13)
      • neutralization reactions, look back to L88 (CH 13)
    • Misc. Resources
    • activity Guided Inquiry ChemActivity 30A - Acids and Bases
    • activity Guided Inquiry ChemActivity 30B - pH
    • activity Guided Inquiry ChemActivity 30C - Acidity Constant (Ka)
    • lab Buffers Keep the Balance - Properties of Biological Buffers, Flinn
    • activity Guided Inquiry ChemActivity 31A - Buffers
    • activity Guided Inquiry ChemActivity 31B - Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation

Other Resources:
PhET Acid-Base Sim

Acids, Bases, and pH (5:47)


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Chemistry Foundations
(2, 3, & 7)
(9 & 10)

of Organic Chemistry


Metabolic Processes


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