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Qualities of a Captain award winner:

  • She keeps teammates informed of what is being done during games. For example, she makes sure each team member knows what time-out cheer is next.
  • She does a great job leading the team on a short notice by quickly starting chants, executing stunts, creating sideline chants, etc.
  • She has great ideas for new stunts, cheers, etc. or revises current material.
  • Overall, she works hard to teach others.
  • She organizes the signs for games and makes sure they are up before the games start.
  • She helps with organization details involved with halftime performances and competitions.
  • Preferably, she has successfully completed at least two high school cheerleading seasons and is a junior or senior.
Qualities of a MVP award winner:
  • Overall, she is highly skilled athlete in the areas of cheerleading (cheer, stunt, jump, etc.).
  • She consistently portrays a positive attitude, which in turn motivates the team.
  • She shows confidence in herself and her team.
  • Her determination enhances the team's and her own athleticism.
  • She is enthusiastic about her sport, dependable, a good listener, and shares her opinions in a positive manner.

Qualities of a Diva Dancer award winner:

  • She has all the right moves. Her motions are crisp and her personality escalates the thrill of watching her dance. 
Qualities of an Excellent Effort award winner:
  • Overall, she has an undeniable drive for athletic self-improvement. She doesn't say, "I can't." She says, "I will."
  • She is determined to do her best athletically and personally. She practices beyond formal practice time.

Qualities of a Heavenly Height award winner:

  • Her jumps are impressive and it doesn't matter which one she does.

Qualities of a Major Motivator award winner:

  • She pushes herself and her teammates to the limit.
  • She brings your spirits up and helps you to focus after a bad day.
  • Her energy and passion for cheerleading are contagious. The more she tries, the more everyone else on the team tries.

Qualities of a Sensational Smile award winner:

  • She can't stop smiling whether it is practice or a performance.
  • Her smile is infectious. When you see her smile, you smile too.

Qualities of a Super Spirit award winner:

  • She is always showing her exceptional enthusiasm for cheerleading and the sport she cheers for; at summer camp, games, practices, pep rallies, as well as through her assistance with spirit signs and run-throughs.
  • She has a great sense of humor. This makes her fun to be around.



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