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Thorp Cardinal Cheerleading

Football Cheer


    • Selection will take place during an evaluation period/tryout. The coach will select who makes the teams. This decision is final.
    • The coach will set the maximum number of teams and cheerleaders on the teams.
    • Cheerleaders are required to have a physical examination every two years. An official W.I.A.A. physical exam card must be on file with the Athletic Department before any participation. On opposite years of an exam, a cheerleader must have an official W.I.A.A alternate year athletic card on file with the Athletic Department before any participation.
    • Cheerleaders will be treated as athletes. Therefore, they must follow rules set forth by the Thorp Schools Athletic Code (under "Resources" "District Forms and Handbooks") and NFHS Spirit Rules Book.
    • In order to cheer and/or perform at scheduled events, cheerleaders must demonstrate to the coach that they know the material and possess essential skills (determined by coach). Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence and the cheerleader may not be allowed to attend/participate in the game and/or competition.
    • Absences
      • Cheerleaders must attend all scheduled events and ride to the event as a team. A scheduled event may include training clinics/camps, practices, games, competitions, fundraisers, etc.
      • All absences must be discussed with the coach prior to the absence, if possible, and explained in a note from a parent or doctor, unless the cheerleader is absent from school. Failure to submit a note will result in an unexcused absence.
      • Any cheerleader with an unexcused absence (determined by coach) will be disciplined according to the accountability point system listed below.
    • Academic and Discipline Record
      • Cheerleaders must maintain satisfactory grades per the Thorp Schools Athletic Code. Cheerleaders that fail to do so will be placed on academic probation according to the Thorp Schools Athletic Code, disciplined according to the accountability point system listed below, and will not be allowed to attend/participate in events, with the exception of practice and fundraisers.
      • Cheerleaders are expected to maintain impeccable school attendance and behavior in and out of school. If this does not occur, a discipline action will be taken against the cheerleader. If the discipline action is severe (determined by school administration and the coach), the coach may immediately remove a cheerleader from the team.
    • Awards
      • Cheerleaders must successfully complete their season in order to receive sport awards. Any cheerleader that has accumulated more than 30 accountability points will not receive any awards.
      • The coach will determine the type and number of team awards given beyond the standard Thorp High School athletic awards (for example, varsity letter, emblem, bar, etc.).
      • All team awards will be voted upon by the team members and the coach. Each team member will be allowed to place one vote per award. The coach vote will have a greater weight (for example, coach vote = total # team members x points for top vote getter / 2.5) for captain and mvp awards.
      • Captain(s), will be voted upon and determined within the first two weeks of the season. The remaining awards will be voted upon at the end of the season.
      • Awards will go to the top vote getter. In the case of a two-way tie, the award will go to both vote getters. A tie greater than a two-way tie will be decided by the coach.
      • To be eligible for the captain award, the team member must have had at least two seasons of prior cheerleading experience and be a junior or senior. If the team does not have a junior or senior, then experience will take precedence.
      • Award Descriptions. Awards may be subject to change.
    • Behavior
      • Cheerleaders must be willing to accept an immense amount of responsibility and give up much of their individuality for the team effort.
      • Cheerleaders must be able to accept constructive criticism from the coach and peers; it is given to help the individual and to improve the team.
      • Cheerleaders will demonstrate “class” on and off the mat/court/field. Good moral behavior is required.
      • Cheerleaders must respect the final decisions of the coach.
      • Cheerleaders will be disciplined based on the accountability point system listed below.
    • Discipline and Dismissal from Team
      • An accumulation of more than 60 accountability points will result in the cheerleader’s dismissal from the team.
      • A team dismissal will be formally written up. This write-up will be signed by the coach and involved cheerleader.
      • Accountability points will be accumulated based on the Accountability Point System below. The Accountability Point System is intended to protect the good and hard working cheerleader.

Accountability Point System

Refusal to follow the NFHS Spirit Rules Book...automatic dismissal
Disrespecting or challenging the authority of the coach...40
Disciplinary Action (result of poor school behavior)...30
Failure to follow instructions of coach...30
Inappropriate language or behavior at an event...30
Unexcused absence from event...30
Present but not fully participating at event...15
Unexcused tardy or early leave (1-15 minutes) from an event...15

Examples of an unexcused reason for absence include: missing a bus/van for an away event, hair appointment, college visit, work, academic probation according to the Thorp Schools Athletic Code, etc.

An event is an assigned practice, game, performance, competition, or other mandatory event.

Note: Additional penalty points or benching can be assigned at the coach’s discretion for disciplinary problems during school or cheerleading events.

    • All cheerleaders must follow the Rule 2 General Safety, Section 2 Participant Apparel/Accessories rules set forth by the NFHS Spirit Rules Book at all events. Examples include:
      • Wearing of jewelry is prohibited.
      • Fingernails must be kept at a length not visible beyond the end of the when viewed the hands.
      • All members of the stunting team shall wear their hair away from the face and off the shoulders
    • Make-up, hair, and nail polish color must natural and not excessive (determined by coach).
    • All cheerleaders must provide their own uniform supplies (determined by coach).
    • All articles of the uniform, including shoes, should not be worn for casual dress.
    • Fundraiser projects may be available to help with the costs of cheerleading.
    • Season Attire
      • Cheerleaders are responsible for the cost of cheerleading uniform supplies such as white cheer shoes (approx. $20.00-50.00), white ankle socks, black boy-cut briefs/spandex (approx. $10.00), etc. The cheerleader purchases these items for hygienic reasons.
    • Training Clinics and Camp
      • Cheerleaders may be responsible for the cost of attending and camp wear. 
    • Competitions
      • Cheerleaders may be responsible for the cost of attending.
    • No cheerleader will be excluded from participated because of financial issues.



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