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Does Coach Steinbach seek out safety training? Yes she does. Below is a list of safety courses and conferences that Coach Steinbach may be attending for the 2019-2020 season.

  1. WACPC District Meeting - August 12, 2019.  This meeting addresses NFHS Spirit Rules Book interpretation, stunt progressions and safety, etc.
  2. CWCC Summer Camp - August 17-18, 2019. This camp features the latest safety techniques and partner stunt progressions.
  3. WACPC Coaches and Leaders Conference - November 22-24, 2019. This conference features various sessions detailing NFHS Spirit Rules Book interpretation, stunt progressions and safety, etc. This conference may also feature the AACCA Safety Certification course, NFHS Spirit Program Management course, and NCSSE Coaching Principles and Ethics course.

What safety rules does Coach Steinbach adhere to? She adheres to the rules of the NFHS Spirit Rules Book.

What major safety precautions are taken during practices? There are several safety precautions observed during practice. Below is a list of the major items.

  1. Cheerleaders are directly supervised.
  2. Practices are held in a suitable location for the activities of the cheerleaders. Appropriate mats are supplied.
  3. Skills progression is practiced in order to ensure that cheerleaders build upon mastered technique when learning more difficult and advanced stunts or tumbling. Spotters are responsible for assisting or catching the top person in a stunt, with a priority to protect the head, neck, and shoulders of the top person coming off a stunt. 
  4. Cheerleaders will not be allowed to perform skills at events unless technique is mastered.

Cheerleading is an activity that builds self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills. Safety begins with these, especially leadership. Instilling these qualities in cheerleaders helps prevent accidents since all cheerleaders hold safety as a priority.



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