Water-proof Hanky

Push the center of the handkerchief into the glass, so that the edges are hanging over the outside of the rim of the glass. Pour water into the glass, through the loose handkerchief. Make sure that
your audience can see the water easily passing through the handkerchief into the glass. Keep pouring the water until the glass is roughly half full. Pull the corners of the handkerchief so that the material is taut over the top of the glass. Hold the glass and handkerchief so that the material stays tightly stretched over the opening. For younger audiences you may like to say some 'magic words' that make the hanky water proof. Place a small tray on the top of the glass and tip it all upside down, being careful to keep the handkerchief pulled tight. Choose a likely suspect from your audience to threaten with a drenching! Hold the upside-down glass and tray above their head, making sure that the glass is vertical and the handkerchief is tight. Remove the tray.