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Oceanography Lesson Resources

Items listed on this page may be added, removed, and/or modified as we progress through the school year.

Anchor Activities

Lesson Resources

Wind and Ocean Circulation, Chapter 6

  • Atmospheric Processes, Section 6-1
  • Surface Ocean Currents, Section 6-2
    • take home portion of test Great Pacific Garbage Patch (graded as part of Ch 6 & 7 Test)
      • Watch
      • Then, answer the following questions as a "take home" portion of your next test. You must have these ready to submit with the rest of your test on test day. Your answers to these questions must be in your own words. You will need to conduct additional research to answer these questions. With each question, cite any resources you use with APA format (i.e., citing books, citing online resources).
        1. Explain what the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is. Are their other garbage patches like this one?
        2. Describe how the GPGP is formed.
        3. Explain your relationship to the GPGP and your potential for shared fault.
        4. Describe how plastics are created and explain why it is that some plastics are so resistant to degradation in the ocean.
        5. Name two or three major environmental impacts of the GPGP and research/brainstorm at least one solution to solve related problems.
  • Deep-Ocean Circulation, Section 6-3

Waves in the Ocean, Chapter 7

  • Properties of Ocean Waves, Section 7-1
  • Wave Motions, Section 7-2
  • Life History of Ocean Waves, Section 7-3
  • Other Key Terms:
    • Standing Waves or Seiches
    • Internal Waves
    • Tsunamis



Course Details




Ocean Floor
(O Ch 2 & 3)

(O Ch 5)

Ocean Currents
and Waves
(O Ch 6 & 7)

Tides and Intertidal
(O Ch 8 &
MB Ch 11)

(MB Ch 7)

Coral Reefs
(MB Ch 14)

Marine Fishes
and Other
(MB Ch 8 & ?)

Deep Ocean
(MB Ch 16)

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